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EUHT Technical Advantages

EUHT Technical Advantages

Comparisons of EUHT-5G Technology with Major Global Wireless Communication Technologies and ITU-5G Requirements (May 2019)

Items EUHT-5G Technology   Wi-Fi   4G LTE ITU-5G Requirements
Reliability Industrial level, 0.3x10-5(actual measurement on metro)

Consumer level, <1×10-3

Consumer level, <1×10-3

Consumer level, <1×10-3, Industrial level, 1×10-5

Air Interface Delay


No authoritative data

No requirements

Request 1ms

End-to-End Delay

4.2ms(actual measurement on metro)

34ms(actual measurement on metro)

13ms(actual measurement on metro)

Request less than 5ms

Peak Rate







Number of Connection Points per Square Kilometer

120 Million[1]

Super large-scale connection is not supported

0.1 Million

More than 1 million

Moving Speed

Support high-speed railway moving speed, still remain high performance at 500km/h

Support walking speed, performance drops sharply over 20km/h

Support highway moving speed, performance drops sharply over 160km/h

Request support for 500 km/h

Switching Interrupt Time

0ms(actual measurement on metro)

363ms(actual measurement on metro)

56ms(actual measurement on metro)


Networking Cost


Very low


Very high

Wireless Coverage Distance



800m(Typical cellular networking)

FR1(Sub 6GHz)  300m

FR2(28 GHz)   <200m

Industrialization Level

Large-scale industrialization

Large-scale industrialization

Large-scale industrialization

The standard will be posted at 2020

[1] The result was evaluated according to ITU official evaluation document

Comparison conclusions:
  • (1)EUHT-5G is the world’s only industrial-level wireless communication technology that meets the performance requirements of 5G technology (R15/R16) and has been applied in large-scale industrial applications in many fields.
  • (2)EUHT-5G is the only wireless communication technology in the world that supports both high speed moving, high capacity transmission and industrial-level high reliability and low latency requirements.
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