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Unpiloted Demonstration Area of Haidian District Environmental Protection Park

Project implementation time:2018 - today
Project background

According to the spirit of Haidian District Symposium, aiming at the goal of making Haidian autonomous driving industry the first in the country and the leading in the world, Haidian Park Management Committee cooperates with the representative enterprises and industry organizations of the autonomous driving industry chain, improves the autonomous driving test environment, and initially constructs a closed test + open road test environment system. According to the needs of autonomous driving enterprises, they cooperated with the District Transportation Commission to apply a open test road of autonomous driving, which is near 40 kilometers the environmental protection park, Yongyou park and software park.

The demonstration area of this project is 3.6 square kilometers in Zhongguancun Environmental Protection Science and Technology Demonstration Park. The demonstration operation business and regions are shown as follows:

Figure 1: Zhongguancun Environmental Protection Science and Technology Demonstration Park Demonstration Operation Business and Regions

Project Regions:

According to the communication with the Management Committee of Zhongguancun Environmental Protection Science and Technology Demonstration Park, the first demonstration roads are the yellow, blue and green parts in Figure 1. This project plans to build a new generation of high-speed broadband wireless communication communication system (hereinafter referred to as "EUHT-5G") in this area, to achieve full coverage of EUHT-5G signals in the demonstration region, and to meet the communication requirements of V2N, V2V, V2I application scenarios in Internet of Vehicles.

EUHT-5G Network Construction Scheme

EUHT-5G Network Architecture

The architecture of EUHT-5G Intelligent Transportation Network is shown in the following figure. The central access equipment (also known as "base station equipment") and terminal access equipment are the core equipment of EUHT-5G communication network. They are responsible for providing EUHT-5G system communication services, and are the bridge of driverless vehicles, roadside intelligent infrastructure and management control center.

Figure 2: EUHT-5G Intelligent Transportation Network Architecture

On the one hand, EUHT-5G base station equipment connects the management center switch machine through the network line to access the management center network; on the other hand, EUHT-5G antenna realizes the access of EUHT-5G terminal equipment, which covers the whole road with EUHT-5G network. EUHT-5G base station equipment needs to be installed on the upright pole according to the topographic and geomorphological conditions. The interval between upright poles is generally between 500m and 1000m, and supplementary upright poles are needed for some heavily sheltered sections.

EUHT-5G terminal can be installed in driverless vehicles. Through EUHT-5G network, bidirectional data transmission between vehicle and vehicle can be realized, and V2V and V2N communication also can be realized.

EUHT-5G terminal can also be installed in intelligent road facilities. Through EUHT-5G network, multi-party data transmission of vehicle data, intelligent facility data and management center can be realized, and V2I communication also can be realized.

System Frequency Band

EUHT-5G system supports 5150MHz-5850MHz and 600MHz-800MHz bands. This two bands will be installed separately in this project.

EUHT-5G Base Station Location Scheme

According to the on-site investigation of the unmanned demonstration area of the environmental protection park, considering the road conditions and sheltered conditions, 13 points in Figure 3 are selected to deploy EUHT-5G base station with 5150MHz-5850MHz band, 5 points in Figure 4 are selected to deploy EUHT-5G base station with 600MHz-800MHz band.

After the above base station deployment, the EUHT-5G network can be covered the application route (yellow, green and blue routes in Figures 3 and 4) in the park.

Figure 3: 5150MHz-5850MHz band EUHT-5G base section location

Figure 4: 600MHz-800MHz band EUHT-5G base section location

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