Ultra-High Speed Wireless Communication System

Ultra-High Speed Wireless Communication System (EUHT) developed by Nufront has been adopted as a number of industry standards and the national intelligent transportation standard. The full set of special chips, equipments, terminals and the overall solutions of EUHT can meet the demand of  high reliability, high capacity, high speed, low latency, low power consumption, low cost, precise positioning, precise calculation and fine control  for the next generation of industrial internet, which has been fully tested and validated by multiple authorities and third parties.

It has already been commercially applied in subway, high-speed railway, rural broadband wireless coverage, intelligent transportation, etc. by now.




Fast, highly reliable handover in high-speed mobile (360 km/h) scenario

Handover delay: millisecond level

Handover success rate: more than 99.9989%


Ultra-low transmission delay

Air interface delay: millisecond level

End to end delay: millisecond level


Support high-speed mobility and ultrabroadband simultaneously

Provide user experience rate of 500 Mbps under the condition of more than 360 km/h

Static throughput: 1.28Gbps


Support Mesh networking

Support both D2D and M2M

Support network self-configuration, self-detection, self-adaption, self-healing, self-handover, relay self-selection, flow self-balance, automatic powercontrol, automatic gain control


Sub-meter level accuracy positioning

High-performance algorithm that makes positioning accuracy and response time better than GPS and Beidou


EUHT has solved the current communication technology's problems of "can not use, dare not to use"
and "inadequate to use, difficult to use, cannot afford to use". EUHT has universally covered and basically realized the application scenarios and key technical specifications proposed by "5G Concept White Paper" at least three years ahead of the white paper's schedule.


High spectrum efficiency and high throughput wireless LAN technical specification    February, 2012

          Standard number: YD/T 2394.1-2012(Part 1)        YD/T 2394.2-2012(Part 2)

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Established ultra-high-speed wireless LAN standards of China's independent intellectual property rights, the technical system is completely autonomous and controllable, with no chip-level back door, much better than 802.11ac and 4G-LTE on algorithm and performance. With better high-speed mobile adaptability, greater data transmission bandwidth, higher spectrum utilization and more stable roaming switching performance, EUHT can support high reliability, high throughput and ultra broadband communications under high speed.


Special Short-range Communication for Cooperative Intelligent Transportation System    August, 2014

          Standard number: GB/T 31024.1-2014(Part 1)         GB/T 31024.2-2014(Part 2)

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Develop China's own advantages and technical standards for the next generation of intelligent traffic, with low latency (milliseconds), high reliability (switching success rate of nearly 100%), high-capacity and ultra-high throughput, fully beyond domestic and foreign similar technology. Industry standards for transportation dedicated broadband wireless communication system which will be applied in highways, airports, harbors, waterways and etc. is being formulated according to this national standard.

*EUHT roadside equipments and vehicle equipments in accordance with the relevant standards have completed the performance verification in Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport test field in 2014.


Real-time video transmission systems between roadside and vehicle for urban rail transit
August, 2016

          Standard number: CJ/T500-2016

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Based on EUHT technology with roadside and vehicle real-time transmission of more than 20 channels high-definition video, develop leading application standards to solve the anti-terrorism inside the car and security blind spots, build a unified vehicle communication platform for the next generation of CBTC, PIDS, passenger Internet services, automatic driving, long-distance driving, rail transit industry interconnection and so on.


"Real-time video transmission systems between roadside and vehicle for urban rail transit"(draft for review)

Minutes of review meeting

According to the requirements of Document Jian Biao [2015] No.60 issued by Standard Quota Department of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development - "Plan on the approved professional product standard for Real-time video transmission systems between roadside and vehicle for urban rail transit", Beijing Nufront Mobile Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd. as the Chief Development Organization, completed the formulation work of professional standard "Real-time video transmission systems between roadside and vehicle for urban rail transit" (draft for review), in conjunction with …

Experts responsible for reviewing the standard unanimously agree that the standard is scientific, rational, and of strong operability, that it fills in the gap in China's technical standards of real-time video transmission systems between roadside and vehicle for urban rail transit , and that it is the first standard in the world, which achieves a group of world leading performance specifications.





Nufront's Proprietary IPR

  • Support 20/40/80MHz bandwidth

  • Support MIMO and smart antennas


Nufront's Proprietary IPR

  • Support for high speed and reliable access

  • Support 40MHz bandwidth and 256QAM

  • Can match variety of RF front-end, capable of working in different frequency bands


Nufront's Proprietary IPR

65nm CMOS Process
Working band support 500MHz-1GHz
Support 20/40/80MHz bandwith
Support MIMO, smart Antenna and high-speed IQ interfaces


Nufront's Proprietary IPR

  • Working band support 5GHz-6GHz

  • Support 20/40/80MHz bandwidth

  • 110dB receive dynamic range

  • Support MIMO, smart antennas and high-speed IO interfaces

Terminal Equipment




  • Support high-reliability network access and handover under speed of 300km/h

  • 80MHz RF bandwidth

  • Configurable operating frequency at 5GHz-6GHz



  • Support high-reliability networks access and handover under scenarios of tunnel, elevated rail and other typical application

  • 80MHz RF bandwidth

  • Configurable operating frequency at 5GHz-6GHz



  • Terminal router used for Dense coverage, by which general consumer devices can access EUHT through WiFi network

  • Operating frequency 5GHz-6GHz configurable
    Support 40MHz bandwidth

  • WiFi working band 2.4GHz



  • EUHT working frequency: 5GHz-6GHz

  • Bandwidth: 40MHz

  • Protection level: IP65


Base Station




Support high-reliability network access under speed of 300km/h
80MHz RF bandwidth
Working frequency 5-6GHz configurable
More than 100 Mbps throughput



  • Support high reliability network access for mobile terminal in complex environments

  • 80MHz RF bandwidth

  • Working frequency 5-6GHz configurable

  • More than 100 Mbps throughput



  • The number of users is not less than 250

  • 40MHz RF bandwidth

  • Working frequency 5-6GHz configurable

  • More than 100 Mbps throughput



  • The number of users is not less than 250

  • 40MHz RF bandwidth

  • Working frequency 600~800MHz configurable

  • More than 100 Mbps throughput


Dense coverage


Preliminary investigation has been completed, comprehensive construction was launched in the middle of 2016.


High speed rail and metro


Under the high speed of 300km/h, EUHT could meet the demand of high reliable internet access, high reliable switching, ultra-low communication delay and ultra-high data throughput.


In a typical rail transit environment, high-definition video (1080p) real-time transmission was achieved, PIDS interface, passengers Wi-Fi coverage and comprehensive service carrying test were successfully carried out.


Under the high speed of 200km/h,EUHT demonstrates high reliable network access ability, excellent handover performance and high speed data transmission.


EUHT can provide stable, reliable, ultra broadband data service at 300km/h high speed railway channel conditions.


Highway and ITS


EUHT equipment independently researched and developed by Nufront successfully passed the performance test in a typical highway scene and 160km/h speed.

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2016 Guangdong Province scientific and technological achievements and industrial conference was held in Zhongshan

[2016-12-29 23:08:55]

Guangdong province ultra high speed wireless LAN application work leading group was established

[2016-11-14 07:38:23]

With the consent of the provincial government, The overall work program for Guangdong Province ultra-high-speed wireless LAN promotion and application was carried out

[2016-11-02 23:52:19]

Nufront completed the ultra high speed wireless LAN model village construction project in former Soviet central rural area of Guangdong Province

[2016-10-17 18:00:18]

Application and pilot work conference for ultra high speed wireless LAN in former Central Soviet Area was held in Heyuan

[2016-07-06 00:09:48]

Zhu Xiaodan did research on precision poverty alleviation and emphasized precise policy to win the fight against poverty

[2016-07-05 23:55:32]

Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, China Telecom and Nufront Guangdong signed a framework agreement to promote the application of ultra-high-speed wireless LAN pilot in former Central Soviet Area

[2015-12-22 00:12:34]

Introduction of EUHT


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