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Zhu Xiaodan did research on precise poverty alleviation work, emphasized precise policy to win the fight against poverty

时间:2016-07-05 23:55:00

On June 30 to 31, the provincial governor Zhu Xiaodan led the provincial comrades to make a research on precise poverty alleviation work in Heyuan and Meizhou. Provincial Standing Committee, Politics and Law Committee Secretary Lin Shaochun, vice governor Deng Haiguang participated in the research.

Heyuan City Longchuan County Tongqu Town Meicheng Village (including Shenzhen Baoan (Longchuan) Industrial Transfer Industrial Park), the former Central Soviet Area in Guangdong Province, is the rural ultra-high-speed wireless LAN application pilot model village. Zhu Xiaodan carefully observed the industrial park monitoring system in real time operation, personally tested network speed at villagers’ home, and communicated with the villagers friendly. Villagers told Zhu Xiaodan that now the Internet was more convenient and smoother, other villagers are looking forward to installing the ultra-high-speed wireless LAN, and hoped that the network tolls could be cheaper. Zhu Xiaodan told villagers a good news, "Compared to traditional network model, ultra-high-speed wireless LAN is faster and cheaper, rural Internet users will enjoy the low cost in the future." Zhu Xiaodan stressed that the application of ultra-high-speed wireless LAN in rural areas is a livelihood projects covering the vast rural areas, and an important structural reform initiatives to promote the side supply. The current pilot work is still in its infancy, the relevant units should be aim to provide the best quality, most affordable and most satisfactory network services for rural users, determine the implementation of ultra-high-speed wireless LAN technology roadmap and related products industrialization roadmap as soon as possible, accelerate the fiber into village and make good engineering construction. Meanwhile, the relevant government departments should study the application of ultra-high-speed wireless LAN, develop rural e-commerce, linked farmers and the ever-changing market with information technology and digital means to promote accurate poverty alleviation.

In the past two days, under high temperature and heavy rain, Zhu Xiaodan instructed the work teams in the villages, stepped in poverty-stricken families, learnt more about the production and living conditions of the poor people, and to introduce the current policies and measures for helping the poor in Guangdong Province. Zhu Xiaodan was very pleased to see the village team from Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places has been in place, in the first time established and improved the management system, and carried out basic work. He stressed that the village team should find out the basic situation of poverty-stricken families to accurately identify the precise poverty-stricken solid foundation.

In the afternoon of June 30, Zhu Xiaodan held a research symposium in Meizhou, listening to the situation report by responsible comrades from Heyuan City, Meizhou City and the Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office on poverty-stricken work.

Zhu Xiaodan fully affirmed that the departments of Heyuan, Meizhou and other counterparts in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and the provinces concerned should select the backbone forces according to the requirements of the provincial and provincial governments, and quickly complete the task of joining the county, carrying out poverty alleviation object identification, verification and archiving work to lay a solid foundation for promoting accurate poverty alleviation.

Zhu Xiaodan pointed out that this year is the first year of implementing the "Thirteen Five" plan, and the first year to carry out three years out of poverty tackling. In accordance with the requirements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, all municipalities, departments and task forces should combine poverty alleviation with "learning by doing and learning together", stressing the party discipline, especially Xi Jinping’s speech spirit of Poverty alleviation, strengthen the ideological arming, as soon as possible to establish the task force of the provisional party organization; put poverty alleviation and twinning together, relying on industrial park to do poor households labor force transfer employment; combine poverty alleviation, basic Public service equalization and social security integration of urban and rural areas, aiming at "two do not worry, three guarantees, a considerable" to guarantee a good start to get out of poverty.

Zhu Xiaodan pointed out that all localities, departments and work teams should do a solid job on accurate poverty alleviation, including carefully check the conditions for helping the object, the implementation of policies, the quality of labor and etc., in strict accordance with the time node file card and the establishment of dynamic management of the database; compaction contact responsibility to ensure that contact households, responsibility to the people; strengthen the inspection to ensure the implementation of the basic work in place.

Zhu Xiaodan stressed that all localities and departments should, in accordance with the requirements of the central "five groups", develop precise poverty alleviation, accurate poverty alleviation plan and measures according to local conditions. First, we should promote the industry to help the poor, vigorously develop the regional characteristics of industry, giving full play to the leading role of new agricultural management subjects to poor households and taking measures to promote poverty alleviation and development. Second, we must combine the "double transfer", do a good job of vocational education and training, and arrange for the transfer of jobs to help the poor employment and entrepreneurship. Third, we must do a good job in poverty alleviation of education; earnestly implement the various stages of education on the poor population policy measures, implement of the high school exempt tuition for students with financial difficulties on record. Fourth, we must do a good job of medical security, implement the new rural cooperative insurance and serious illness insurance, increase medical assistance to help and improve the standardization of village health stations. Fifth, we must do a good job of social security out of poverty, a comprehensive verification of the minimum population, to ensure that should be guaranteed. Sixth, we must do a good job in rural renovation of dilapidated buildings to speed up the settlement of the housing difficulties of poor households.

Zhu Xiaodan also stressed that we must do a good job in the implementation of poverty relief measures, effectively do a good job of publicity and guidance of the masses work, strengthen the style of the work team, strengthen fund management, and timely make a summary of the creation of good experiences around the good practice.

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